• I hereby release any claims to all film, video audio or digital photos or recordings of / or involving myself, taken for publicity purposes and / or display opportunities for EORC. This includes release of rights to broadcast, reprint, display in any brochure or promotional material, or for any other form of distribution or reproduction. Any of these visual or audio materials involving myself and/or others will become the property of EORC.
  • By participating as a volunteer with EORC at our Gift Wrap Fundraiser Project, I and my heirs, executors, and administrators waive all rights and claims that I may have against EORC, administrators, directors, officers, employees, volunteers or any other organizations or individuals associated with this project.

    I understand that a representative of EORC or other volunteers will be present during my volunteer times at the Gift Wrap Booth and I give him/her permission to use any medical or emergency services that they deem necessary to treat injuries sustained by myself.