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    Violence Against Women Services:



    We serve women of all cultures, religions, ages and sexual orientations who continue to live with or have left an abusive partner.



    The violence against women program offers crisis intervention & support to women who are experiencing partner violence. We provide safety planning for women their children and pets, emergency shelter support, advocacy & accompaniment. We offer 24 hour crisis support over the telephone; call if you do not feel safe, if you are experiencing anxiety due to your partner, in need of support and active listening or resources. Help line for abused women 24 hours/ 7 days a week (E) call 613-745-4818 & (F) 613- 745-3665. Our ``Fem`aide`` line is designated for francophone’s & the number can be accessed province wide 1-877-336-2433.




    This service is offered to women who are or have experienced partner abuse. We operate from a feminist perspective which includes; empowerment, re-affirmation, support, advocacy, while maintaining a non judgmental approach. Some of the topics explored in session are; the cycle of violence, elements of power & control, warning signs, impacts of abuse on women & children healthy relationships and many more. Our counseling services are short term (6-8 sessions), free, bilingual and without a wait list or catchment area.




    The VAW program offers the ``Phase 1 support group`` which explores such topics as; the impacts of abuse, building self esteem, assertiveness skills, support networks & self care. The phase 1 support group is open to all women, whether you are in a relationship or not. The ``Phase 2 support group`` is designed for women who have fled the relationship and are ready to move on. The topics range from; trust, loneliness, assertiveness, from victim to survivor and many more. The groups are typically 8-10 weeks, bilingual, free of charge & the VAW program can assist with childcare & transportation subsidies. The groups run each season. Support groups are a great place to meet other women who understand your situation & to learn about abuse and how it affects you.




    The purpose of the program is to support women in transition to a life free from violence by connecting women with necessary community services such as; housing, parenting support, educational & employment needs, legal matters & accompaniments, health & wellness services to ensure the client`s transitional needs are being met. The program has two bilingual transitional workers, one who works solely with partner violence while the other can serve partner & family violence. The centre also offers Transitional Support in Renfrew County.




    The VAW program often participates in numerous events to celebrate women & to further support the fight to end violence (March, Vigil, International Women’s day, Clothes Line Project, and others). Community involvement is crucial for building public awareness and to further promote our services. At the centre we often have window displays and information tables to address special events (Black History month, victim of crime awareness week, ect) as well, host special initiatives.



    The Eastern Ottawa Resource centre promotes the ``Neighbours, Friends & Families campaign`` and le Comité reseau (Francophone services for women in Ottawa). The vaw team works closely with other support agencies such as; Interval House, la Maison d`amitié, OCTEVAW & WISE.



    We are always taking names for children ages 3 to 18 for our waiting list. The ages for each group will be determined according to need. Please call us to register or for more information.


    Groups: A children’s group for children who have experienced abuse towards their mothers and a parallel parenting group for the moms is offered. The groups are run twice a year.


    Individual counseling is offered to children 3 to 18 years old who have experienced abuse towards their mothers. Follow up is provided to children who have participated in a support group. Parenting support is also offered to mothers who have experienced abuse.



    Francophone services are offered to women who are victims of violence and that reside in Renfrew County. A local counselor based in Pembroke is available to offer free and confidential counseling, accompaniment and support and to help facilitate access to proper community resources. The worker also participates and is involved in social actions and preventative education with the francophone community. The services can be accessed by appointment at 613-585-3414. The service is offered in partnership with the Francophone Crisis Line for abused women Fem’aide available 24/7 at 1-877-336-2433.