• The Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre (EORC) is a community-based, non-profit charitable organization offering a wide range of social and community services. /
  • Community Support Services for seniors in Ottawa East, Blackburn Hamlet, Beacon Hill, Carlsbad Springs, Gloucester, Orleans, Cumberland, Navan, Vars, and Sarsfield. Services include Home Help, Home Maintenance, Respite, Caregiver Support, Meals on Wheels, Foot Care, Friendly Visiting, Fitness and Wellness, Transportation, Telephone Assurance, Snow Go Assist, Adult Day Program, Grocery Bus /
  •  Thanks to our volunteers, seniors in our community have been provided thousands of meals on wheels, drives to medical appointments, friendly visits as well as hands on support in the day program /



    Programs & Services at the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre:

    Resource and Referral:


    Assisting with access to basic needs and support


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    Early Years Centre:


    Parents, caregivers and children aged 0 to 6 years old come together to share playtime including circle time and a snack.

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    Child, Youth (6-21) & Family Services:


    Serving children and youth ages 6-21..

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    Violence Against Women / Children Who witness Violence :


    Serving women who live or have left an abusive partner.

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    Community Development:


    Aims to improve quality of life, strengthen communities, create mutual benefit and shared responsibility among community members.

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    Community Support Services:

    Serving seniors and people with physical disabilities.

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    Partner Services - onsite:

    First Words:


    In partnership with the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario


    The First Words Preschool Speech and Language Program of Ottawa is a program that focuses on the prevention, early identification and treatment of speech and language problems in young children (age 0 until they become eligible for senior kindergarten). First Words is a program that provides information about.



    If you think your baby or child is not learning to talk well, call the Parent-Child Info Line at 613-580-6744 or visit the First Words web site.



    Addictions and Problem Gambling Services of Ottawa:


    In partnership with Sandy Hill Community Health Centre


    The Problem Gambling Programme offers initial consultation, crisis intervention, telephone support, treatment planning, relapse prevention, individual and/or couples therapy to people concerned about gambling issues. Services are also available for family members and/or significant others.


    The service uses a diverse range of therapeutic techniques. Services available in English or French. For more information, please call 613-789-1500.



    Settlement & Integration:


    For more information about Settlement and Integration Services visit the OCISO web site.

    Housing Support:


    In partnership with Action Housing


    Action Housing is a bilingual non-profit organization specializing in housing. At Action-Housing you can:


    Services for tenants


    • Search the local newspapers and database for available housing
    • Meet with a caseworker who can assist you in your housing search on the private market
    • Meet a caseworker who can help you apply for subsidized housing
    • A caseworker can also help you solve your housing problems such as: eviction, maintenance, illegal rent increase, discrimination
    • Get information on your rights and responsibilities as a tenant or a prospect tenant
    • Provide help to access emergency shelters


    Services for landlords


    • Advertise vacant units at no charge on our Web site
    • Get information on your rights and responsibilities


    For more information, please call 613-562-8219 or visit the Action Housing web site.

    Legal Advice Clinic:


    In partnership with Legal Aid Ontario


    The Legal Aid Clinic is opened every Tuesday from 4:00pm to 7:00pm.


    A lawyer is present to answer your questions and/or refer you to the right legal resources.


    Services are on a first come first serve basis. Come in and tell the reception that you would like to see a lawyer.


    This service is free.